Online Food Safety Supervisor Training for NSW

Food Safety Supervisor 


Course fee includes your $30 NSW Food Authority Certificate

This nationally accredited training will satisfy the training requirements for Food Safety Supervisors in the retail, hospitality, transport and distribution sectors only. This training is not satisfactory for persons working in a hospital or aged care or child care as you require different training units to satisfy the FSS requirements.

The Food Safety Supervisor course provided by Clubs WA (Trading as Hospitality Alliance Training) provides students with two units of competency, both of which are recognised throughout Australia:

  • SITXFSA002 - Participate in safe food handling practices and
  • SITXFSA001 - Use hygienic practices for food safety
These units describe the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to be able to apply proper hygiene practices within a business. This includes the ability to be able to apply predetermined procedures, identify and control potential hazards and take the correct action to ensure the non-contamination of food and other items that might put customers, colleagues and yourself at a health risk.
  • This training is for those working in Retail or Hospitality ot Transport and Distribution sectors only.
  • This training is NOT satisfactory for persons working in a hospital or aged care or child care as you require different training units to satisfy the FSS requirements.
  • Self-paced estimated duration: 8-hours minimum
    • Actual time required will depend upon a student's learning capability along with their current level of knowledge and understanding of this topic
    • NCVER Nominal Hours:  55-hours (Nationally agreed nominal hours can viewed at
  • By enrolling in this unit you are declaring that you are the person who will be completing the unit

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Why choose Hospitality Alliance Training?

Clubs WA is an industry association (founded in 1957) with over 15 years experience in delivering high quality accredited training to the hospitality sector. You will be completing a course that: 
  • has been tailored towards the requirements and obligations of staff as per the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code as well as the State and Territory Food Acts and Regulations in force throughout Australia;
  • allows you to self-pace your training within a 60-day period, during such time you can log off and on as often as you wish; and
  • provides you with a complete Food Safety Training Manual. This manual is to be used in conjunction with the materials presented during your training, and will prove to be valuable resource after you have completed your training.
  • Approved Trainer no. 31545

Online Course Structure

The course is delivered in seven (7) modules plus two (2) NSW Food Authority Modules: 
  • Module 1 - Responsibilities
  • Module 2 - Food Safety Program
  • Module 3 - Critical Control Points
  • Module 4 - Food Safety
  • Module 5 - Prepare Food Safely
  • Module 6 - Maintain a Clean Environment
  • Module 7 - Hygiene
  • NSW Food Authority Module 1 - Safe Egg Handling
  • NSW Food Authority Module 2 - Allergen Management
After each of these modules you will be presented with a set of multiple choice questions to complete. 

To create your personal Student Account you will need

  • Your Unique Student Indentifier (USI) Number - Visit the Australian Government website to get yours
  • Your date of birth and full legal name
  • A personal email address (not a company email)
  • If you have purchased courses with HAT before you can login to your 'Student Login' and then purchase the course once logged in

Practical Assessment

  • Once you have successfully passed each of the required questions you will be required to complete both a workplace practical assessment, as well as an Authenticty Declaration which confirms your identity.
  • Once all course requirements are completed, you will be issued with a certificate which can be downloaded from your student login at any time.

Authenticity Declaration

  • As a Registered Training Organisation, we need to verify that the person who completed the online training and assessment is the same person who enrolled for the course and will be issued with the Statement of Attainment.
  • Once you have completed the online assessment, an Authenticity Declaration Form will be available for you to complete send to Clubs WA (Trading as Hospitality Alliance Training).
Bundle with another course to save

FSS with RSA - Three Units for $205

  • SITHFAB002 - Provide responsible service of alcohol (includes NSW Competency Card)
  • SITXFSA001 - Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • SITXFSA002 - Participate in safe food handling practices (includes NSW Food Authority Certificate)
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Technical Requirements

  • Preferred Web Browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer. 
  • Systems: This online course is suitable for PC, MAC, Android, iPads, or iPhones. 
  • Email: You will be required to input a valid personal email address (not a company email address). 
  • Audio: Some course content is presented using audio. You will need headphones or speakers. 
  • PDF Downloads: Downloads will require you to have Adobe Reader. 
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