What does RSG stand for?

'RSG' stands for 'Responsible Service of Gaming'.

Is RSG training mandatory?

Currently, RSG training is not mandatory throughout Australia.

Does this RSG certificate apply only to this state or can it be recognised in other states as well?

By conducting your RSG training online with us, you will be completing a nationally recognised unit. This means the certificate you receive upon completion of your course will be recognised in other states and territories. Please check with your local gaming authority on requirements to be able to work within your state or territory.

Which course is required to be undertaken to achieve the required level of training to be able to serve gaming practices responsibly?

The training unit that is recommended to achieve the required level of training to be able to responsibly provide gaming and gambling services is SITHGAM006A - Provide Responsible Gaming Services (also known as the RSG course).

Who is the state authority responsible for gaming matters?

If you are looking for the authority responsible for the gaming industry in your state or territory please visit the "State Authorities and Regulators" page found here.